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name: Loan
Gender identity: gender non-conforming
Sexual identity: queer
Political affiliation: love, revolution, justice, righteousness
Religious affiliation: light and love
Pronouns: them/they/their
Location: nc, va, u.s. south, usa

My body: disabled, chronic back pain, arthritis, scoliosis, light skinned, conventionally attractive/fits into white supremacist economy of attraction, thin privilege 

i am working to unlearn how my body has internalized and perpetuated oppression. i am constantly unpacking.

I provided this page so that potential followers are aware of the content of this blog. It’s a head up before unnecessary collision or arguments.

If you think that it’s possible to be racist against white people or that white privilege doesn’t exist please don’t follow me. 

If there’s anything I can do in the appearance of my blog or the posts that would make it/them more accessible, please let me know. 

cats, pictures of myself, sociopolitical commentary, etc, etc something like that