I was talking to Melissa the other day about my dad’s history. And I came to realization that things wouldn’t have been so shitty for him if there weren’t U.S occupation which produced an environment where white american soldiers could just impregnate Vietnamese women and then leave without leaving a trace of contact. In addition to government instability, I am confident enough to say that my father’s history as a child without education, a home, or parents to care for him is a direct result of the U.S military thinking their occupation (and killing of thousands of innocent Vietnamese people who were thought by soldiers to be Viet Cong or Viet Cong sympathizers) was necessary.

And if we wanted to, we could go back to times of French imperialism and colonialization in Vietnam and then unleash another big monster in the scheme of things. One douchebag comes in and then other douchebags think they can too. Or at least they view the country “hosting” them as one that is weak, quiet, reserved, and forever unstable.

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