envisioning a world in which interracial relationships for qpoc goes beyond meaning POC-white relationships. and envisioning a world in which bad ass qpoc with bad ass analysis and doing amazing work around dismantling white supremacy are also applying the theory and decolonizing process to themselves and establishing a qpoc interracial relationship friendly economy of attraction.
because you know it’s like yeah love is love but I just don’t remember feeling wholeness that times I’ve dated white queer people, no matter how supportive they were of my work they could not affirm me because they are not a person of color. and so often it’s those of us doing this work that forget we also have work to do within ourselves.
and most definitely our experiences as people of color are not all the same but it’s nice to be crushing on someone and loving on someone with whom I share this mutual understanding of white supremacy via experience.

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