photos by Mia Nakano who interviewed me for the Visibility Project 

here’s some info about VP

A national community powered video/oral story collection + photo portraiture series featuring Queer Asian American Women/Trans/and Genderqueer folks.

The Visibility Project combines art, media and social justice to document the personal experiences of Queer Asian Americans. Our community is overlooked, ignored, and disregarded and the cultivation if this project was a direct response to change that dynamic one face, one story, one participant at a time. The Visibility Project provides a platform that allows participants to self-identify, share their histories and experiences. The result is an unbelievably diverse representation of what it means to be a Queer Asian American that transcends linguistic, cultural, and generational barriers.We hope the Visibility project serves as a network to connect our radical, strong, and endlessly creative community. We hope to continue building friendships and coalitions, sharing resources, visions, and stories. We hope the impact of the project continues to grow and expand as more cities are incorporated into the presentation of the Queer Asian American diaspora.

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