possible trigger warning: non-consensual sex, sexual violence, rape culture, rape

How often do you use “fuck you” or hear someone else say “fuck you”? I’m guilty of it, I do it quite often. I’m always spewing out “fuck that!” or “fuck hate!” or “fuck (insert unpleasant concept/thing/person here)” But only lately have I begun to analyze my use of that language. “Fuck” represents the act or acts of having sex, intercourse, oral, WHATEVER. Sex. When we apply that to things like “fuck you,” and especially when we say “fuck you” because we don’t like something/someone, we are implying that through fucking someone we can ruin it/get rid of it. We are implying that we are going to do something that will be unpleasant, undesirable, and harmful to someone else in the hopes that it will make them upset or make them disappear. If my nose is working correctly, I think I smell a pot of rape culture brewing up. This is what rape culture is: perpetuating and implementing violence through sex. We are going to hurt people through sex, whether it being physically, mentally, or emotionally. And you can say, “hey it’s just a word” but it’s not. We must treat this like we’d treat any other racist, sexist, heterosexist, anti-trans, xenophobic, etc slur out there. By saying things like “fuck prop 8” or “fuck racism” we are using a tool that rape culture apologists use; we are negatively sexualizing unpleasant things with the mentality that we are combating inequality, hatred, and overall bad things. But we are simply using violence. We are implying that it is okay to apply violence through sex to get rid of something or someone. It is not okay. Saying “fuck you” is not okay.

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    only ended up reading this today. this is why I love tumblr, why it has made me a better person, why it has...
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    And this is why I now use “Unfuck you” instead. Because I think fucking is incredibly awesome and “unfucking”, as in not...
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    I’ve been having trouble with this. I’m still looking for an appropriate word to replace “fuck” when swearing, because...
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    This reasoning is definitely tip top. Time to start removing the words “fuck you” or “fuck x” from my vocab.
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    I think that it’s only sort of a coincidence that fuck has two meanings, one being sex and one being something negative...
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    recently i have been saying “forget you" (inspired by glee & cee lo green’s censored music). not always appropriate:...
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