currently moving, painting rooms, feeling perpetually busy, might die but not really 

I’m so short all of me fits into this insta square #fbf

I’m so short all of me fits into this insta square #fbf


if you’re reading this i’m beautiful

i need to realistically wear my glasses at all hours when i’m awake but i hate wearing my glasses when i’m eating, just sitting in my room or lounging around the house unless i’m watching t.v but then i can’t see shit and it annoys me that i have to wear these glasses but i don’t want to do contact lenses because i’m not responsible enough for that shit. oh well.

hey y’all! we are a little under $300 away from our goal. 

we are moving into our new home on the evening of the 14th and may not have enough money to turn on electricity or water at our new place because of bad credit history and outrageous security deposit requirements. 

please donate if you are able and share this fundraising link. every $ counts at this point. 

there are just people in my life who make me giddy and make me giddy even after months of not talking to or seeing each other. the giddiness isn’t even based in romantic or sexual attraction - they’re just really awesome and i’m grateful to know how they’re doing.

seeking queer/people of color, queer people, disabled folks and azn folks in rva area and who possibly attend vcu to maybe hang out and be friends or something

birthday selfie!

birthday selfie!

marchoftigers replied to your post: addison left me a very silly voicemail…

happy birthday!

thank you ^_^

this morning i woke up to sam-soon the cat continuously licking my forehead as he half sat/half slept on my pillow and tabi squished in between jess and i. it was very cute. 

addison left me a very silly voicemail for my bday that opened with their name and their callback number as if i don’t have them on speed dial! 

"you must guard against becoming blackboard dependent" 

shut. up. 

prudeghost replied to your post: okay boyfriendtwin blog is creepy and …

this is really upsetting & triggering. sexualizing twins is obviously not okay (i know the people in the photos aren’t actually twins). please tag for #incest for this suggesting this shit.

thanks for letting me know. i’m sorry that i made that post and it was triggering to you. i’m going to delete it, though, instead of tagging it because incest is also a triggering topic for me and if that’s one of the ways the post is being taken i’d rather just remove it for my own sake and others who come across it who may not feel comfortable to let me know that it triggered them. 


  • went to my 9:30am lecture AND paid attention 
  • went to the store and got tofu and some dark chocolate
  • cleaned out my car
  • took Tabi on a really good walk around jackson ward 
  • taking a break now and charging up
  • my birthday is tomorrow, jess is gonna make me a really amazing cake!!!

the funnest thing about doing laundry at a laundromat is washing my squareparts harness and watching other’s puzzling reactions/desires